BIZOL Green Oil's innovative German additive formula

Increased city traffic = Increased motor stress

City Traffic is increasing as the rate of urbanization. In city traffic you are constantly accelerating and decelerating, reducing oil pressure and causing the internal engine parts and the Motor Oil to wear down more quickly, thus increasing the chance of engine failure. 


New Motor Oil Additive Formula from the German manufacturer

Engineered in Germany to protect engines in city traffic.  Results of a BIZOL 2011 commisioned laboratory study in Germany show that BIZOL GREEN OIL has a Low Wear Index and high engine protection properties as found in best motor oils brands. 


Enhances Financial Safety in city traffic

BIZOL Green Oil provides you with financial safety by reducing maintenance costs, reducing repair costs and increasing the lifetime of your car or vehicle.


Enhances Technical Safety in city traffic

BIZOL Green Oil offers maximum protection in city traffic. BIZOL Green Oil´s innovative additive package combats Motor Oil degradation, viscosity breakdown and increased corrosion which occur while engines are idle in city traffic. 


Enhances Environmental Safety

By choosing BIZOL German quality products you are reducing the amount of spare parts, fuel and Motor Oil that your vehicle needs: a way to save resources.


Enhances Emotional Safety in city traffic

BIZOL Green Oil is made according to high reliable quality standards. By choosing BIZOL you have made the best choice and have one thing less to worry about with regard to your car or vehicle.